Philips Pacific Green Parking System

Systems For Car Park Lighting

Create a safe and secure environment in your parking garage with sustainable, energy efficient LED lighting systems from Philips. Because they deliver the right amount of light when and where it's needed, our lighting systems save energy while keeping people safe. Uniform illumination reduces shadows and eliminates dark corners, so pedestrians feel safer and drivers enjoy good visibility. In addition to providing high-quality light, LED's offer long useful life, which means you’ll have to change lamps less often, reducing maintenance costs. Philips works with you to create tailored systems that meet the specific requirements of your unique parking structures.

How It Works

GreenParking is a wireless lighting system that combines the long-life and energy-efficiency of LED with controls, sensors and zoning options
to increase safety and reduce costs.

Lighting in parking lots can be expensive, especially when used 24/7. GreenParking is a wireless LED car park lighting system that detects people and vehicle presence to provide lighting as needed, saving energy and reducing costs by up to 80%.Presence detection, flexible dimming and long-life, low-maintenance LED lights enable you to create more sustainable car park lighting while keeping visitors safe and comfortable.Intuitive wireless controls make this plug-and-play solution easy to install and program in both new and existing car parks.

The Choice Is Up To You

GreenParking can be installed one of two ways: either combine the long-life Pacific LED luminaires with wirelessly controlled presence detection units, or select Pacific LED luminaires with an integrated sensor. The luminaires are waterproof and can withstand a harsh environment.
With either option, you get presence detection, automatic dimming and excellent quality of light with no colour variation. External sensors can be mounted on the wall or ceiling to best fit your parking layout, while integrated sensors eliminate the need for additional hardware.

The latest generation of Pacific LED luminaires is the first circular economy-ready luminaire in a series of products optimized for the circular lighting service model. It’s designed to use natural resources in a more effective and regenerative way, closing the materials loop according to circular economy principles. Thanks to its modular assembly and design, maintenance is easy and it is simple to upgrade. It also offers optimal performance throughout its lifetime.

Saving Your Energy While Keeping Your Visitors Safe

  • Very often, lighting needs to remain on 24/7, leading to a high use of energy and increased costs. As a result, there are two challenges for the owners and managers of parking facilities: creating a warm and reassuring environment, while also saving on costs and maintenance..
  • With the innovative GreenParking system, there’s no need to compromise on safety in order to achieve savings. In fact, running costs can be reduced by up to 80% with the use of energy-efficient LED technology

  • What’s more, with long-life LED's, maintenance is cut to a minimum too – another way of saving on cost as well as reducing inconvenience.
  • GreenParking is a wireless lighting system that works perfectly as a retrofit solution, complies with regulations and delivers outstanding energy savings.

Staying One Step Ahead

In the past, safety policy dictated that you kept lights in your parking garage permanently on. Now, with GreenParking, you can ensure that you have lighting on demand.

With GreenParking, as soon as the presence of cars or pedestrians is detected, the path ahead lights up to 100% illumination level ‘on demand’ – always staying one step ahead. The right level and quality of lighting enables vehicles to manoeuvre safely, and pedestrians to feel safe and secure. Once the car or pedestrian has moved out of that ‘zone’ or area and presence is no longer detected, after a pre-programmed time lapse, the lighting dims down to its background level of, for example, 20% illumination level. GreenParking delivers light only when needed to welcome and reassure and offers substantial energy and cost savings by dimming when not required.

One Space, Multiple Zones

The GreenParking system allows you to create multiple zones. These zones are effectively luminaires ‘grouped’ together which will then behave in the same way as each other – so they will all dim or brighten together.

The zones are selected and configured easily using a simple remote control. You choose your zones to suit your parking garage layout, select your preferred ‘dim to’ level, duration and hold time too. And if you have any changes to your parking garage layout, you can simply ‘re-configure’ to suit – meaning it’s future proof too.

Zoned Lighting In Action

Rapid Return On Investment

Working from the moment of installation.

GreenParking is a smart system which can start working immediately. A complete package of lighting and controls, it’s both easy to install and intuitive to operate. It’s a perfect solution for new build or retrofit projects – simply replace existing light fixtures point for point, and add wireless controls.

This system is entirely wireless and its ZigBee communication model uses low-power devices to transmit data over long distances.

GreenParking is designed to be future-proof, so you’re able to upscale your system as required.

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