Decarbonisation And Green Renewable Grants

Renewable energy is a beautiful thing. We want to encourage as many organisations as possible that are in the public sector (non-domestic only) to upgrade their lifestyle by using renewable energy. We understand some may see it as a costly switch. Grants and funding can help to support the costs of decarbonisation renewable projects such as led lighting. Making it more accessible to businesses across the country, this allows various non-domestic sectors who are egar to make the change but cant afford it can do so with the help of funding schemes.

There is currently a funding scheme available to help the public sector get started with renewables in a time where it seems impossible to save money. We've already had clients begin their journey supported by Lowcarbon workspace grant scheme.

Low Carbon Workspace Grant Scheme

Often a common problem preventing people from upgrading to solar energy is the cost. Low carbon workspaces are giving people the opportunity to have solar aiding them with a grant of up to £5000 this could significantly make a difference to businesses in all sectors across the country who have a desire for solar energy. By taking a look on the website you can find out more and see if your business is eligible for the grant funding.

Find Out More About This On The Low Carbon Workspaces Website

Solar PV Is Not Covered By The Green Homes Grant!

Since July the green homes grant has been introduced for homeowners with a grant of up to £10,000. However solar PV is NOT part of this scheme and isn't covered by the grant, it is solar heating and solar water that comes under this grant.


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