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Over 14 Years Experience Fitting Domestic Solar Panel Systems

Solar panels harness the natural power of the sun, not only does it mean the electricity you are using is clean because fossils fuels aren't burned to make it. It is also renewable and abundant. You can also save money as you are not forking out for ever increasing energy bills and Government incentives can help you even more. There are many contributing factors to a domestic solar systems effectiveness, such as location, angle, shading etc. By far the best way to check is to have one of our experienced surveyors in Dorset & Hampshire come and visit you personally and prepare a no obligation report and quotation. Not only will this highlight your system options, it will also show the estimated generation that you can expect from your system based on accurate details prior to installation – instead of averages and ‘best case’ figures.

If your interested in a domestic solar system, please fill in our contact form with your contact details and our sales team will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements.

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