Why Retrofit Your Solar PV System?

Since 2010 many installations of Solar Photovoltaic Systems have been installed in the UK whether Domestic or Commercial, some installations have been installed incorrectly due to the rush at that time with poor workmanship and inferior products. We are receiving many phone calls from solar owners who are concerned that their systems have been under performing since installed, in some cases their existing installer is no longer in business and they don’t know which way to turn.

At Empower Energy we have been installing SolarEdge retrofits as an upgrade to their current system with free full online monitoring which allows the Client to understand the performance of the system in real time. Warranties, in general most inverter installation back in 2010 came with a standard 5-years warranty which has now expired, with the retrofit upgrade inverters come with our standard product warranty of 20-years.

Over 1000 Satisfied Customers
And Over 30MW Of Solar Installed

Empower Energy has now installed over 30MW of solar on Domestic and Commercial sectors with over 1000 satisfied Customers. Empower Energy have been installing SolarEdge equipment for many years and are a service partners for SolarEdge.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Domestic house systems

    What Happens To Solar Panels After 20 years?

    Photovoltaic solar panels often include a warranty of 20-25 years however, various solar customers have made use of their solar panels long after the warrantied time has finished. Solar panels have an average deficiency of around 0.5%-1% every year which would mean after 20 years your panels would still be over 80% efficient. Over time solar panels become slightly less effective and degrade over a period of time however, this doesn’t mean that after 20 years your panels are going to stop working by any means but does however, mean you’re guaranteed panel period is no longer valid.
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    Do Solar Panels Need Servicing?

    Solar panels require little maintenance especially in the winter when bad weather conditions mean the panels often clean themselves without the need to have to pay for engineers to come out and maintain them. In the summer more work may be needed to keep the panels up to standard because the dry weather means the panels have little rain so are unable to stay clean and can therefore, get quite dirty and not look as appealing. Signing up to our maintenance package means you'll pay a fixed rate for the entire year and for that get your panels annually cleaned, inspected and kept up to date to guarantee high panel efficiency.

    Regular maintenance checks are especially beneficial for larger commercial solar systems because it ensures the system is operating properly with no underlying issues. Something important to regularly check with large systems because if something does go wrong it can impact the business on a large scale. If your solar panels are installed on a flat roof, they’ll need regular cleans anyway because unlike solar panels installed on a slanted array that clean themselves when rain runs down, panels on a flat roof are unable to stay clean as easy. Solar panel servicing means any potential problems can be terminated before they become any bigger and affect the functionality of the system.

    Domestic solar installation

    How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

    The cost of your solar system cannot be compared to any other system because every array is a unique project with details that make the price specific to what that household requires. For instance, the type of panels you use, the size of your desired system and other factors can all make the price of your system's installation go up or down. However, an average household typically installs a 4Kwp system which could cost around £6,000 depending on the detail of your systems structure. To get an accurate domestic solar system price, you'll need to give the right details to your required installers for them to calculate it efficiently. The cost of solar panels is continuing to drop and change frequently so you also can’t predict the amount your system will cost based on a system somebody you know has that may have been installed in previous years.
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    Are Solar Panels Worth It?

    Solar panels come with a variety of countless benefits that make solar panels a no brainer in 2020. Besides the environmental impact installing a solar system could have on your house and the rest of the environment solar gives you a chance to be self – sufficient and the freedom to be In control of the energy you're producing and with our SolarEdge app you can even track the production of your solar system too! Prices over recent years have continued to drop, so you couldn’t pick a better time to look at installing solar on your roof with prices cheaper than they’ve been before.
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    Why Should I Upgrade To Solar?

    Often people’s systems get less efficient over years of operating and need to be changed or repaired. We regularly get customers frustrated because their current PV system is underperforming and consequently causing them constant electricity issues. Upgrading your solar system to a more modern and efficient choice means your money can be spent into a system that consistently generates without any issues and maximises your system's power to enable your household to run as smoothly as you need.
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    Will Solar Panels Reduce My Electric Bill?

    Solar panels are an intelligent investment that has a positive impact on everyone involved. Installing solar on your commercial building means previous electricity rates that have stopped you from putting money into the right areas will be a problem of the past. As any businesses big or small hope to save money whilst growing as a company, having to think about how much your electricity bill is going to cost each month is something that’s not only preventing potential earnings in other places but becomes a common annoyance. Solar allows you to take control of your business and spend your money how you want to, by using electricity sourced from natural energy on a day to day basis should not only make you feel better about your everyday lifestyle choices but could also reduce your energy bills by a significant amount each month.

    Benefits Of A Retro Upgrade

    Is Your PV System Under-Performing?

    Is your existing inverter out of warranty? Retrofit to a SolarEdge system to retrieve your lost energy and gain module-level monitoring and DC safety in a simple and cost effective installation.

    Why Retrofit?

    Many installed PV systems under-perform over the course of their lifetimes, costing the system owner in lost energy and revenue. While the performance ratio of PV systems, which is the ratio between the theoretical and actual energy yield, has improved over the years, there are several factors which continue to cause energy loss due to module mismatch.

    Partial shading, uneven soiling, temperature variance, and manufacturing tolerances can all negatively impact the performance of the entire PV system as a result of the different maximum power points (MPP) of each module in the array. The uneven ageing rate of modules also continues to increase mismatch.

    SolarEdge Safety & Monitoring Interface

    Safe DC

    The SolarEdge Safety & Monitoring Interface provides the benefits of module-level safety and monitoring for systems using a non-SolarEdge inverters.

    The interface unit collects module performance data measured by each power optimizer and transmits the data to the SolarEdge monitoring server to allow for module-level and system-wide monitoring. It activates the SafeDC™ feature of the power optimizers, which automatically shuts down module DC voltage during AC power shutdown, for safe installation, maintenance and firefighting. This provides multiple advantages when adding SolarEdge power optimizers to existing installations. The Safety and Monitoring Interface can be added at any stage to an existing installation that has SolarEdge power optimizers.

    The Safety and Monitoring Interface is compatible with a wide range of non-SolarEdge inverters, certified for outdoor installation and is easy to install.

    • Module-level monitoring
    • Module safety DC voltage for installer, maintenance and firefighter safety
    • Mobile and web-based module performance monitoring
    • Communication via RS232, RS485 or Ethernet
    • IP65/NEMA 4 - Outdoor installation

    Why Solar Edge ?

    Here is a traditional inverter against a SolarEdge optimised system, whereas traditional inverters with shading occurred the panels on that string would all under perform but when using SolarEdge should shading occur one panel the other would not be effected, this in turn will increase your yield and generate a higher ROI.

    Traditional Inverter

    • MPPT per entire string - all modules receive the same current, regardless of their individual MPP
    • Weak modules reduce the performance of all modules in the string or are bypassed
    • Power losses due to module mismatch

    SolarEdge Inverter

    • MPPT per module - current & voltage adjusted per module
    • Maximum power from each module individually
    • 2%-25% more energy from the PV system

    Monitoring Platform

    Web-Based SolarEdge Monitoring Portal

    The web-based SolarEdge monitoring portal provides enhanced PV performance monitoring and yield assurance through immediate fault detection and alerts at module level, string level and system level.

    No hardware or wiring is required to transmit data from the power optimizers to the inverter: the monitoring sensors and transmitters are built into the SolarEdge power optimizer and solar inverter, and measurement data is transmitted over the regular power lines.

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