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Who Are We ?

Empower Energy has continued to go from strength to strength. Drawing on 25 year's experience within the electrical engineering sector, providing our customers with the highest Domestic & Commercial Solar Panels service, backed up by unrivalled customer service. Our speciality is bespoke client solutions tailored to our customers needs.

Nationwide Domestic & Commercial Solar Panels Installation

Empower are the leading Commercial & Domestic solar panel installers In Dorset, with over 4 megawatts and more than 3000 commercial solar installations to date. We know by using Solar our Clients see immediate reductions in energy costs, benefiting from generous ROI and meeting sustainable commitments. Empower Energy offer the full solution from project management, design, performance calculations, modelling, planning, installation and commissioning.

Solar Panel Installers - How To Choose An Installer

Buying solar panels is a solid investment, therefore, you need to make sure you choose the right one for you. In addition, the market is flooded with installers who claim they are the best therefore, always choose an installer who is a MCS Accredited. At Empower Energy we have been installing domestic and commercial solar panels for over 15 years and have installed over 4 megawatts of solar

Domestic & Commercial Solar Panels Costs

The cost of a Domestic & Commercial solar panels system can vary depending on the number of panels and type of inverter installed. Any MCS installer should provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with your installation.

Will I Need Planning Permission For Domestic & Commercial Solar Panels?

Since 2008, the installation of solar panels has been deemed 'permitted development' and therefore planning permission is not required, unless the building is listed or in a conservation area.

What Warranty's Are Offered For Solar Panels?

Empower Energy are a UK pioneer of SolarEdge technolgy and believe it to be the new standard of PV installations. Therefore, this premium solution offers so much more than a traditional system and ultimately provides the client with a system which will generate a far better return on their investment. Empower offer a Solaredge standard warranty that lasts 12 years which can be extended to 20 years.

How Much Will I Get Paid From The Solar Panels Feed In Tariff ?

The FIT was changed to 4.39p per kWh for new installations after 15 January 2016. The payments will continue to decrease every three months. From the 1st of October to 31 December 2017, the FIT is 4p per kWh.

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Domestic & Commercial Equipment & Warranties

Empower Energy offer market leading warranties as standard. Our premium solution offers one of the best free for the life time monitoring portals within the market place today, allowing full transparency and an understanding on what your system is generating in real time.

With Solar panel warranties, it’s important to understand how each panel is performing and will allow for a greater understanding on the performance of each panel. Typically, Solar Panels have two warranties, a 10-year product warranty which covers the panel should any failure occur and also a 20-year performance warranty.

Technology industrial solar panels
Up To 25% More Energy

  • Increased energy yield & faster return on investment through module-level MPPT
  • No module power mismatch loss
  • No partial shading loss
  • absolutely no soiling mismatch loss
  • No ageing mismatch loss
  • Cost-Efficient Maintenance

  • Full visibility of system performance & remote troubleshooting
  • Module-level performance data
  • Presentation of complete system on virtual site map
  • Automatic alerts on system issues
  • Easy access via web browser from computer or smartphone
  • Constraint-Free Design
  • Maximum space utilisation with minimum design time
  • Modules on different orientation and pitch on the same string
  • Different module types in a single string
  • Strings of different lengths connected to same inverter
  • Longer strings - up to 50 modules per string
  • Safe DC™ - DC Safety

  • Safety during installation, maintenance, firefighting & other emergencies
  • Installation: safe string voltage - until inverter & AC supply are turned on
  • Maintenance: safe string voltage - automatic once inverter is turned off
  • Automatic alerts on system issues
  • Emergency: safe string voltage - automatic after grid disconnection

Frequently Asked Questions

What are solar panels made of?

Solar panels are made up of cells which have a layer of silicon in them that converts light energy into electricity. There are two main types of silicon, monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Monocrystalline is the most efficient, though panels using this may cost more. Polycrystalline is less expensive; however, the panels tend to be larger and less efficient.

What does PV mean ?

PV is short for Photovoltaic which comes from Latin: Photo meaning light + Voltaic meaning Energy.

Why should I invest in solar energy ?

Solar Energy harnesses the natural power of the sun, not only does it mean the electricity you are using is clean because fossils fuels aren't burned to make it, it is also renewable and abundant. You can also save money as you are not forking out for ever increasing energy bills and Government incentives can help you even more.

How much do Solar panels cost ?

This does depend on a lot of variables but for a 4kW system, which is most commonly installed on a domestic property you should expect to pay in the region of £6,500. Contact us now for a free no-obligation survey to find out more.

Is Solar still a good investment ?

Yes! Solar is still a great investment, for commercial systems we always design our systems around your energy usage to maximise the financial benefits. The price of energy will continue to rise, solar energy will ‘futureproof’ your company against this.

How much energy does a Solar array produce ?

Each kWp of solar PV will produce anywhere from 800 to 1200kWh per year. There are a lot of factors which determine this figure but we can produce an accurate estimation based on historic weather conditions at that location and the system specifics such as pitch of the roof and which way it faces.

Does the roof have to face South ?

No, panels can face any direction apart from North, the yield on a south facing system is traditionally higher however an East/West array will generally produce a lower yield but for more hours in a day as the sun will catch each roof in turn as it traverses the sky.

What happens if things go wrong ?

Empower Energy are here to help you in the unfortunate case of something going wrong. The panels themselves come with a warranty for efficiency of 20-25 years. Our inverter systems normally come with a standard 12 year warranty but we can extend this very easily to 20 years.

What is an Inverter ?

Solar panels produce what is called Direct Current or DC for short. An Inverter’s job is to take the DC current and transform it into a power source that you can use; Alternating current (AC for short).

What make of inverter do you install ?

We recommend the Solar Edge Inverter system, with almost every other inverter the panels are linked in a similar way to Christmas tree lights, if one fails or does not work properly, it will affect the rest of the system. So, for example, if something shades one panel, this will affect the performance of every other panel attached. With our system, each panel works independently and at its maximum efficiency and is not affected by its neighbours. This can produce a higher overall system yield than other inverter systems. Our system also can monitor each panel individually, so if there ever is an issue, we will know about it immediately. More often than not, with a traditional inverter the first time someone realises there is a problem is when they submit their generation readings every quarter to the energy supplier.

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