Why Pay Full Price For Solar

We have now taken possession of 1500 Solar modules with a total capacity of 382Kwp solar system with the following warranties:

  • Solar module product warranty 7 Years
  • Solar module linear output warranty 23 Years
  • Stock available now for installation in your area at a fraction of the cost of a new solar system

Why Wait, Save Up To 40% On Your New Commercial Array

“Stock is available due to local Council demolishing one of their buildings”

Option 1:

  • We can supply & install in any area at a fraction of the price for a new system
  • Warranties in place for the solar modules
  • Warranties in place for the inverters
  • Warranties in place for the Installation work

Government FIT tariff will close by end of March next year, but don’t worry the cost of the system makes it viable to install and still benefit from the same saving overall.

Option Two:

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement

Install your new solar system FREE or charge and you the Client benefits from a lower priced per Kwh. This allows you the Client to mitigate increased energy bills and benefit from generating your own power. Below is one of our PPA system which you will see the Benefits of a FREE system.

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