Solar Farm Maintenance O & M

With over 15 years of experience our engineers have been maintaining and installing commercial solar systems. Solar Photovoltaic systems do require extra detailed attention to protect the asset and ensure investment returns. Empower Energy are fully equipped and proficient in maintaining solar farms. Our team can perform O & M which include cleaning and electrical testing.

Turnkey Solar Photovoltaic Solutions

Empower Energy have been providing turnkey Solar Photovoltaic solutions for many years, whether you’re looking to reduce your company’s energy costs, secure a future investment or just save the environment, we are experts within the commercial, industrial sectors offering a wide range of solutions to fit all types of projects.

Empower Energy pride ourselves on our professional and in-depth service from project planning to commissioning and our extensive experience across all sectors whether SME to the larger blue chip companies, we find the right solution that fits your needs.

Solar Farm Design

Solar Farm design, there are many factors to consider before undergoing a project of this nature, understanding the steps is key to success from conception to completion with our in-depth due-diligent report ensuring that all aspects are covered before committing further time and capital.

Our approach starts with the land, we carry out full site feasibility studies ensuring that the site location is ideal for the installation of a solar farm project. When engineering a project of this size we check for any possible environmental issues and proximity to national grid points of interconnection with local utility location.

Working With Investors

Empower Energy understand that our investors and companies we work with look to us to design and build a solar farm to the highest specification with the highest efficiency system and utilising the latest proven technology in the market place today.

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Why Consider Solar For Your Business ?

Feed In Tariffs

Despite feed-in-tariffs continuing to reduce, solar pv is still one the best and most cost effective renewable's available. It has become more important to size a system based on consumption and by doing this maximise ROI.

Generating Your Own Electricity

Businesses invest in solar because they know it makes perfect sense to generate their own electricity. They can also benefit from the savings it provides as well as substantially reducing their carbon footprint. Climate change is one of the most talked about topics and becoming more important for business to show they are working towards a more green and sustainable future. Clients are still benefiting from the incentive scheme from the Government. Act now to benefit from a twenty-year guaranteed income.

Business Finance

There are a couple of options available in the market place:

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

The system is installed with no upfront cost. The renewable energy generated is bought by the business at a discounted rate (PPA)

Asset Finance

Finance is given and secured on the system. The loan repayments are covered by the FIT and electricity savings.

Product Installation

Empower Energy offer a wide range of world class components to ensure your optimising the best returns possible from your system, although SolarEdge are not the cheapest components on the market and although not limited to SolarEdge products we would always strongly recommend this system to our Customers, experience tells us that SolarEdge offer a much higher return than standard string inverters.

Case Studies

Commercial Solar Installs

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