Nationwide Commercial Solar Installers

Reduce electricity costs by up to 50% with solar panels for business

Why Empower Energy Recommend Solar Power To Our Commercial Customers

With Commercial Solar photovoltaic system technology evolving and as growth continues worldwide for renewable generation alternatives, solar and other form of renewables will continue to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. We know by using Solar our Clients see immediate reductions in energy costs, benefiting from generous ROI & meeting sustainably commitments.

With over 4 Megawatts of solar installed we offer a full turnkey solution from project management, design, performance calculations, modelling, planning, installation and commissioning.

Why Consider Solar For Your Business

Despite feed-in tariffs continuing to reduce, a commercial solar installation is still one of the best and most cost effective renewable's available. It has become more important to size a system based on consumption and by doing this maximises ROI.

Generating Your Own Electricity

Businesses invest in solar because they know it makes perfect sense to generate their own electricity. They can also benefit from savings it provides as well as substantially reducing their carbon footprint. Climate change is one of the most talked about topics and becoming more important for business to show they are working towards a more green and sustainable future. Clients are still benefiting from the incentive scheme from the Government.

SolarEdge Inverters And Power Optimisation

The SolarEdge Safety & Monitoring Interface provides the benefits of module-level safety and monitoring for systems using a non-SolarEdge inverters. The interface unit collects module performance data measured by each power optimizer and transmits the data to the SolarEdge monitoring server to allow for module-level and system-wide monitoring.

It activates the SafeDC™ feature of the power optimizers, which auto matically shuts down module DC voltage during AC power shutdown, for safe installation, maintenance and firefighting. This provides multiple advantages when adding SolarEdge power optimizers to existing installations. The Safety and Monitoring Interface can be added at any stage to an existing installation that has SolarEdge power optimizers.

Safe DC & Online Monitoring

The Safety and Monitoring Interface is compatible with a wide range of non-SolarEdge inverters, certified for outdoor installation and is easy to install.
  • Module-level monitoring
  • Module safety DC voltage for installer, maintenance and firefighter safety
  • Mobile and web-based module performance monitoring
  • Communication via RS232, RS485 or Ethernet
  • IP65/NEMA 4 - Outdoor installation

Enhanced Safety

  • No high VDC during installation or maintenance - power optimizers and DC cables automatically de-energize when inverter is disconnected or grid power is shut down
  • Remote monitoring instead of diagnostics work at dangerous heights
  • Only inverter certified to IEC 60947 as a disconnection means and to VDE 2100-712
  • Better suited for future insurance requirements

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